T-birds shine in Magna Powertrain Case Competition

Magna Powertrain, in cooperation with Thunderbird’s student Global Supply Chain Club and Project Management Club, hosted its 2nd Annual Case Competition in early April and it was a roaring success! The top three student teams proved the value of their Thunderbird education by presenting well thought out, strategic recommendations to the visiting judges. 

The first-place team won $1,000 ($250 each) for their achievements. Second- and third-place contenders each received a Magna Powertrain padfolio. 

Magna Powertrain Case Competition winners  

1st place: Micah Gougler ‘14, Tom Yu ‘14, Steven Werther ‘14 and Fiona Teerlink ‘14
2nd place: Jon Harmon ‘15, Kyle Hutchin ‘14, Ameya Amonkar ‘14 and Muhammad Mustafa ‘15
3rd place: Borijan Borozanov ‘14, Stepan Filshin ‘14, Uchkun Tokhirov ‘14 and Bojan Najdov ‘15

Thunderbird’s Career Management Center (CMC), which helped coordinate the event, received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Magna.

“Magna was once again very impressed by the polish, professionalism and analytical skills of our students,” says Michael Kennard ‘15, associate director of Employer Relations at Thunderbird. “The success of this event will guarantee Magna’s return in the fall for career fair, and ensure that this case competition becomes a regular feature on our spring calendar.”

For information about hosting a case competition or other event on Thunderbird’s campus, or to get details about participating in our Career Fair October 22-24, contact Employer Relations at or call +1 602 978-7323.

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