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Our Commitment to Alumni

Thunderbird School of Global Management:

Our Commitment to Alumni

Thunderbird alumni have played a critical role in the history of the School. They are central to the global prominence and strength of the Thunderbird brand. Alumni represent the reputation of the School on a daily basis through their accomplishments and the ‘Thunderbird mystique’ that they bring to their professional careers and personal leadership.

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Who are Berger and Mabel Erickson?

You may have sat under the Erickson Alumni Pavilion. Perhaps you have seen the photo of Berger in the Tower gallery, right outside the restrooms. But who, really, are Berger and Mabel Erickson?

In the summer of 1946, Mabel and her husband Berger drove to Phoenix, Arizona from Texas. When they arrived at the Thunderbird Field No. 1, they found a desolate campus, overgrown with weeds and wildlife. The buildings were barren, beaten-up and lacking furniture. What could possibly bring this young married couple thousands of miles to such a bleak desert landscape?

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Thunderbird Students Inspired by Attending Net Impact Conference

Attending this year’s Net Impact Conference in Seattle was an event I was looking forward to immensely. As a Thunderbird graduate student, I was particularly excited to be among roughly 2,500 like-minded individuals from different graduate schools, backgrounds, and countries. I enjoyed strolling though the vibrant streets of downtown Seattle despite the chilly fall weather. A beautiful vibrant city for an exuberant event that left me more energized and inspired.

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US college student creates 'Refugee Help Map'

The plight of the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Syria and other war-ravaged countries in  the region – the majority of whom are seeking shelter across Europe – has captured the hearts and minds of many around the globe.

Among those struck by the extreme hardships confronting the refugees is a graduate student from Mobile, Ala., who had been traveling in Europe. Motivated to find a way to help, he used his background in information technology and software to help provide something in high demand but extremely scarce: information.

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