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Societal Trends Impacting Your Career

Organizations spend considerable amounts of time determining what changes in the global marketplace will materially affect the implementation of their strategic plans. A common analysis tool used to consider these changes and trends is the P.E.S.T. acronym. Clarifying what political, economic, social, and technological factors that will influence the growth of a business is key to laying a strong foundation for meaningful action. A similar analysis can be completed and applied to the achievement of your personal career goals.

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Register early & save: Global Mindset Certification

Thunderbird’s Najafi Global Mindset Institute is offering a special 30% discount to those who register for our October GMI Certified Facilitators Workshop by Sept. 10! It’s a great time to become certified, as we now have 25,000 GMI-takers around the world, nearly 300 certified GMI facilitators, and 1,500 copies sold of our “Developing Your Global Mindset” handbook.

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Take part in the Thunderbird Angel Network

If you are an investor who wants to find early-stage, high-growth companies around the world — or you are an entrepreneur or know of one who needs investment — the Thunderbird Angel Network wants to hear from you.  

Thunderbird Angel Network accredited investor members have invested millions of dollars in dozens of companies over the last five years and now want to go global. You can be a part of this exciting world of Angel Investing no matter where you are. Join us for our next meeting to learn more:

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Class of '65 alumnus recalls first days at Thunderbird

I don’t remember too much about my first day at Thunderbird, then known as the American Institute for Foreign Trade (AIFT). Immediately after my graduation ceremony at UCLA in January of 1965 I drove all night from L.A to Glendale, Arizona to register at Thunderbird. After being assigned a dorm room with three other guys I met with a counselor and selected my classes. I also took a Spanish placement test and then made a visit to the book store that was located in one of the old hangar buildings.  

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For career growth, take challenging assignments

On July 10th, Thunderbird alumnus Jon Kailey ’76, retired Director of International Business Development at Owens Corning Building Materials, visited campus and gave a talk entitled “Corruption: Corporate and Citizen Costs.” Mr. Kailey served in that capacity from 1979 – 2012 and lived outside the United States for 18 years in Saudi Arabia, Chile and Mexico. At the time of his retirement, his passport had 192 pages, visits to all seven continents, and he spent time in over 70 countries. Kailey is a classic T-bird.

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