From the archives: Thunderbird Magazine, Spring 1980

The Spring 1980 issue of Thunderbird Magazine explores business opportunities in Africa with a cover photo by former Thunderbird Professor Karl Magyar showing a Togo street market. “Change in sub-saharan Africa is best described as abrupt, dynamic and uncertain,” the article states. “There is nothing more important to the nations of Africa than getting on their feet through self-determination by exploitation of the rich mineral and agricultural resources with which they are blessed. Nigeria is a leader in this regard.” The isssue also features African recipes from the Thunderbird Wives’ Club 1978 International Cookbook. Former Thunderbird President William Voris also highlights African enrollment at Thunderbird. “In the past year we have had students from Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon and the Sudan,” he reports. “This is a good beginning, but the school wants to be more helpful to these developing nations.” Read the full issue …

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