Alumnus attends Reunion of Honor Ceremony on Iwo Jima

Andrew Lubin ’75 was on Iwo Jima in March to attend the 69th Anniversary Reunion of Honor Ceremony. Held by the U.S. Marines and Japanese Self-Defense Forces to commemorate the courage and determination of both sides in WW2’s most costly battle, Gen James Amos, Commandant, USMC, spoke, as did the Hon Mr. Nobou Kishi, Japan’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Andrew was invited by the 3rd Marine Division, and was the only US-based journalist to attend. Following the ceremony, Andrew interviewed the Marine veterans of the battle who participated in the solemn event.

“My parents were both US Marines in WW2,” Andrew reported. “I grew up hearing about this fight. To stand on the landing beaches where the young Marines stormed ashore, to climb Mt Suribachi and then interview the Marines who fought there; it was a moving experience in history, tradition, and how it’s recorded.”

Andrew, an author, defense analyst, embedded combat journalist, filmmaker and public speaker, is also producing a documentary entitled “Bootsteps.” The film covers the success of the Marines in Helmand Province. Watch the trailer.

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