Videos: 2013 Global Citizen Forum

Speakers and panelists from more than two dozen organizations gathered April 11-12, 2013, for the third annual Global Citizen Forum on campus. The event, presented by Thunderbird’s Net Impact Club, explored synergies business and the social sector. Club president Stacey Goodman ‘12 said issues such as corporate social responsibility and sustainability affect managers in all industries and sectors. “It doesn’t matter if you like finance, marketing or even information technology,” she said. “If you want to make the world a better place through business, you are a NetImpacter.” Keynote speaker Ed Fox, Vice President of State and Local Affairs for Arizona Public Service, said the event gives students an important opportunity to interact and share ideas with working professionals.  “We’re training the next leaders of world business,” he said. View video conversations with a sampling of forum participants below.

“We are training the next leaders of global business.”
Keynote speaker Ed Fox, Arizona Public Service

Global Citizen Forum: Drew Tulchin (1:08)

“You can use the power of business to accomplish financial, community, social and environmental betterment. It’s something we call the quadruple bottom line.”

Global Citizen Forum: Jacquelyn Hunter (1:09)

“We don’t think you have to make a tradeoff between profit and impact. … Companies that operate ethically, socially and environmentally responsibly actually are more profitable in the long term.”

Global Citizen Forum: Scott Turner (1:56)

“Business alone cannot solve social problems. … Business needs to work with other parts of the economy”

Global Citizen Forum: Lauren Murphy (0:51)

“Our mission is twofold: To reduce poverty and to promote private sector development in Latin America and the Carribean. … We do that through our investments in local entrepreneurs.”

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