Thunderbird Magazine, Summer 1974

The Summer 1974 issue of Thunderbird Magazine features a cover story on the retirement of Marha Snyder, a Thunderbird Alumni Association executive secretary who worked at the school for 21 years. “Her warm and cordial contact with alumni has elicited extraordinary cooperation from them in keeping the school posted on their progress,” writes Mabel Erickson. “Also the school is constantly being complimented on the alumni records Martha set up and has maintained.” The issue also includes coverage of the I974 International Festival, a community event organized by Thunderbird students. “There were Israeli dancers, Sun City hand bell ringers, and Scandinavian folk dancers,” writes Mavis Voris. “There were also French crepes, Russian blintzes and German knockwurst.” In his welcoming message, former Thunderbird President William Voris describes 1974 as the school’s most successful year to date. Read the full issue.

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