Thunderbird Magazine: Summer 1973

The summer 1973 issue of Thunderbird Magazine features the International Auction and World Trader Fair, a campus event sponsored by the Thunderbird Women’s Club. “The day was bright and sunny, spirits ran high, the setting was unusual and exciting, booths displaying many exotic treasures from faraway lands lined the central courtyard, Indians demonstrated the art of sand painting, Oriental and Latin dancers swayed gracefully, and Korean tai kwon doo (a form of karate) experts exhibited their talents,” the article says. The issue also includes a summary of the May 1973 commencement keynote address delivered by Howard E. Sollenberger, U.S. State Department Director of the Foreign Service Institute. “It is too late for the United States to become an isolationist nation and turn from its dealings abroad,” Sollenberger said. “Although the U.S. has overextended itself in some areas and now is drawing back from them, it does not mean the country is becoming isolated.” Read the full summer 1973 issue in PDF form.

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