Thunderbird Magazine, Spring 1983

Thunderbird Magazine has captured campus and alumni news for decades. The Spring 1983 issue (with a cover showing  the logos of participating companies at the Winterim 1983 CEO Conference) includes a salute to the late Frank Jackle, Ph.D., a former Thunderbird professor and chairman of the Modern Languages Department. “At Thunderbird Graduate School, Dr. Frank Jackle personifies this all-important attitude of insistence on quality,” writes former Thunderbird President Arthur L. Peterson. The issue also includes a tribute to the late Mabel Erickson, wife of former Thunderbird Executive Vice President Berger Erickson, and a profile of Barton Kyle Yount Award winner Lorna Wright ’82. Another alumnus, David Clay ’49, shares his 1966 experience in the arena as a bullfighter.

“I did not realize what I’d gotten into until a few hours before the event,” Clay writes. “I suddenly realized I was going to torear in public alongside famous professionals. I knew I had been very foolish indeed. The public was generous with its applause, and somehow I got through it all.” Download the full Spring 1983 issue in PDF format.

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