Thunderbird Magazine, Spring 1975

Few women enrolled at Thunderbird in the school’s early decades. “We never used to encourage women students,” Thunderbird’s former Director of Alumni Relations Martha Snyder says in an Arizona Republic article published Dec. 17, 1972. “Men employers think women will get engaged in six months, then six months later get married, then get pregnant shortly after that.” About 6 percent of Thunderbird graduates were women in 1972, including Susan Corcoran Hayes ’72. “I can look back on many of the campus interviews in which the interviewer inquired if I thought I could work effectively overseas as a woman,” she says in the spring 1975 issue of Thunderbird Magazine. “My answer was that if I did my job well and satisfied the client’s needs, I should have no problem.” By 1975 about 20 percent of Thunderbird graduates were women — meaning the rate more than tripled in three years. View a PDF of the spring 1975 issue.

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