Thunderbird Magazine: Fall 2001

The fall 2001 issue of Thunderbird Magazine features commentary on the tragic events of September 11 in “Innocen(ts) Lost,” as well as “Globalization: Good or Evil,” which in the aftermath of the attacks asks, “Will the new world war against terrorism cause multinationals to retreat, or will it strengthen their resolve to globalize?” The issue also includes features on how successful international business requires an understanding of language and culture, as well as how to gauge a recession - all increasingly critical topics in the wake of 9/11. The focus remained on helping and healing, however, with one story noting that, “Despite these horrific acts of terrorism, T-birds — and, indeed, much of the world — clung to a sense of oneness that knew no geographic boundary, race, creed, color or religion.” Read the full fall 2001 issue in PDF form.

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