Thunderbird for Good seeks alumni mentors

Thunderbird for Good, through its ongoing relationship with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program, has received two special requests for assistance from program graduates.  If you would be interested in helping a woman entrepreneur overcome the next hurdles on her way to business success, read on for more information about these two women and their businesses.

Shah Rukh from Pakistan

Shah Rukh owns an interior design business named SmarTek in Islamabad, that primarily provides interior design work for commercial buildings and businesses.  Shah attended the 10,000 Women Project Artemis Pakistan program at Thunderbird in May of 2011, and returned to Pakistan to use her new knowledge and skills to drive a 20 percent increase in sales over the first six months after the program.

Since the program, she has seen consistent growth in revenue, and has taken significant steps to create a good working environment for her team, enabling her to attract and retain an excellent workforce despite a difficult economic environment and social stigma against a woman running a business in this industry. 

Rukh would like to introduce new construction and interior design products to Pakistan.  She would like help and guidance in connecting with suppliers from outside Pakistan, and in negotiating exclusive import contracts with key suppliers. Read her Goldman Sachs bio.

Reem from Egypt

Reem owns Rimo Tours, founded in 2007, which currently has 6 branches and 150 employees throughout Egypt.  After attending 10,000 Women at the American University in Cairo, Reem expanded the services that she was offering, refocused her marketing efforts on the local community, launched an online presence, and started partnering with other tourism websites worldwide to drive traffic to her site.  Despite the ongoing uncertainty in the Egyptian tourism market, Reem has been able to grow her business over the past few years.

Reem would like assistance in connecting with tourism businesses and organizations to help drive additional international traffic to her website and to partner on booking tours in Egypt for international tourists. Read her Goldman Sachs bio.

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