T-bird steers winning Formula 1 partnership

Automotive marketing guru Andreas Sigl ’95 celebrated in the winner’s circle on Oct. 27, 2013, when Infiniti Red Bull Racing secured its fourth consecutive driver’s championship at the Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix in New Delhi. Sigl, a German expatriate based in Switzerland, has served as Infiniti’s global director of the Formula 1 partnership since 2011. Previously, Sigl was Infiniti’s general manager for Global Brand Innovation.

The championship Formula 1 team, led by German driver Sebastian Vettel, has dominated the 2013 season with 10 Grand Prix victories and 18 podium finishes. Infiniti deepened its partnership with the team at the start of the 2013 season, becoming the title and vehicle performance partner.

While in Switzerland, Sigl stays connected to Thunderbird’s European headquarters in Geneva. On several occasions he has hosted Executive MBA students at Infiniti’s offices in Rolle. “Thunderbird changed my life,” Sigl said during a 2008 interview with Thunderbird Magazine.

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