Munich chapter makes white asparagus dinner annual tradition

“The Munich chapter (almost) always meets on First Tuesday and June was no exception,” says Munich Chapter Leader Tina Huesing ‘96.

“But what we did was exceptional!

Green asparagus is eaten worldwide. In Europe, however, the white asparagus, also called “white gold” or “edible ivory,” is preferred. German white asparagus is traditionally available only during the “asparagus season” which lasts from mid-April until June 24. During this time asparagus from Schrobenhausen, an area in the north of Bavaria, is particularly in high demand.

This year, Athanasios Kostopoulos ‘85 and Ralf Renken ‘13 invited the Munich chapter to a feast featuring white asparagus from Schrobenhausen and declared the beginning of a new tradition, the Munich Annual Asparagus Dinner. It was served in the classic style with new potatoes and raw and smoked ham.

As Athanasios put it: ”The place was definitely filled with the T-bird spirit. The spirit that brings us together to celebrate what we have in common.”


In addition to some of the regular folks, we were joined by Birte Lesoine, widow of Fred Koppl ‘52, who was a regular in the Munich chapter, and Go Iwata ‘06 who recently transferred to Germany from Japan.

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