Harvard Business Review: Join the global elite

By Gregory C. Unruh and Ángel Cabrera

You’ve read about and admired them, maybe met some of them. You’ve certainly benefited from their work: The growing elite of global businesspeople who are helping to define today’s international commerce. They are creating immense value for their companies and themselves — and, in many cases, making the world a better place. Most of these leaders have extensive international experience, speak multiple languages, and can tap into worldwide professional networks. But what really defines them is their ability to create value by helping their organizations adopt a global perspective. Read the full article, “Join the Global Elite,” in the May 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review. Access the online article here or download the print version in PDF format.

Gregory C. Unruh, Ph.D., is a Thunderbird professor of global business and director of The Lincoln Center for Ethics in Global Management. Ángel Cabrera, Ph.D., is Emeritus Thunderbird President and president of George Mason University in Washington, D.C.

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