Do you remember your first day at Thunderbird?

Dear Thunderbird Alumni,

“I’ll never forget my first day on campus…” That sentimental statement is how almost all of my conversations with alumni begin. They fondly recall the first time they met fellow T-birds who would become lifelong friends; they reminisce about stealing first glimpses at their future T-bird spouses. No matter what their individual experience, alumni have one thing in common: Their first day at Thunderbird stands as one of the most memorable moments of their life. (Read Harold J. McArthur ‘65’s reminiscences of his first days at Thunderbird…)

This month, a new class of students embarks on their Thunderbird journey. I want them to remember their time at Thunderbird with the same fondness that you do. By providing the support, guidance and network they need to launch their global careers, you can play a vital part in that effort.

Our alumni network is our students’ strongest competitive advantage. I have heard countless stories of how you’ve generously offered your time for informational interviews, facilitated introductions or looked to Thunderbird first when your team was hiring. Your commitment to these students’ success is inspirational. This fall, I am asking for your help with the following:

Recruit & Hire › Attend our Fall Career Fair (October 22-24) and demonstrate to our students that your company values the one-of-a-kind educational experience Thunderbird provides.

Introduce & Connect › Help build strong institutional relationships between Thunderbird and your employer by connecting your recruiting team with the Career Management Center.

Share & Inspire › Engage with our students and share your personal stories of travel, adventure and professional success; it will open their eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Personally, I will never forget my first day on campus. It was the day that I truly appreciated what a special place Thunderbird is, and what a powerful force for good our alumni are in the world. My memory of that day drives me to work relentlessly on our students’ behalf.

I hope it will drive you too.

Thank you for all that you do for the Thunderbird Community.


Guy Groff
Associate Vice President, Career Management and Professional Development

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