Class of 1973 T-birds reconnect in New Orleans

A group of 1973 T-birds picked up where they left when they gathered for a mini reunion in Februrary 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. “Everyone was fine, no one had changed, and it seemed like it was a week ago since we last saw each other,” said Peter Wallin ’73, president of Holdun USA in Miami, Florida. “We met in New Orleans as a sort of midpoint between Texas, Colorado, Connecticut, California, Florida and Greece.” Wallin said the friends started their careers together 40 years ago in New York, and the reunion was long overdue. “We hope to do it  again as it was a wonderful gathering,” he said. T-birds in the photo, taken by Gary Miller ’73, include Santiago Hinojosa ’73, Norman Gottlieb ’73, Baxter Urist ’74, Jimmy Sanchez ’73,  Costas Theodorou ’73 and Peter Wallin ’73. Another classmate, Bob Lautz ’73, also attended the reunion.

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