Applications, enrollments improve in fall 2013

Initial results for Thunderbird’s incoming fulltime class show improvements in applications, enrollment and selectivity across programs in fall 2013. Overall, the incoming students represent 50 countries. “It is a more balanced class with a lower concentration of individual nationalities,” said Rebecca Henriksen, Thunderbird’s Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services Management. “The incoming students also demonstrate better English skills due to required interviews and improved interview processes.”

Henriksen said the school received a boost from alumni volunteers all over the world, including members of the Thunderbird Global Council and others who registered as Thunderbird Global Ambassadors. “Many alumni worked with applicants and prospective students, encouraging them, answering questions, inviting them to events, helping at education fairs, even taking them out for coffee and dinner,” she said. “That taste of the amazing Thunderbird network is a powerful selling point.”

Official numbers will not be available until after the drop/add deadline on Sept. 5, 2013, but an early analysis shows the following improvements from 2012:

  • Applications for the traditional MBA were up by 17 percent.
  • Applications for the Master of Arts and Master of Science programs were up by 30 percent.
  • Enrollment in the traditional MBA was up by 8 percent.
  • Enrollment in the MA/MS was up by 5 percent. 

The class was also the school’s most selective in recent history, with a 65 percent admittance rate.  










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