Alumni reception in Tokyo largest ever in Japan

On April 3, 2014, 90 T-birds (with graduating years spanning from 1969-2013) came together for a special alumni reception hosted by the Tokyo alumni chapter.

“About 100 people joined the event,” said Chapter Leader Yohei Matsumura ’13, who is also a member of the inaugural Alumni Council of Thunderbird (ACT). “This was the biggest Thunderbird event ever in Japan.” 

All Japan-based Thunderbird Global Council (TGC) members attended the event, showing their support for the chapter and sharing more about the TGC’s role with attendees. The TGC members in attendance included Mr. Takaaki Tanaka ’80, Mr. Hitoshi Hamada ’91, Ms. Mikako Inamasu ’91 and Mr. Michael William Short ’75.

TokyoThe event also included several heartfelt speeches about the Thunderbird mystique, given by Mr. Genichi Tamatsuka ’98, Mr. Yoshiaki Ito ’98 and Mr. Atsushi Funakawa ’91. Mr. Matsumura also spoke with the crowd about the ACT’s mission and role.

Not only was the reception an enjoyable opportunity for T-birds in Japan to network and reconnect, the event also generated $1,000 in cash donations and has increased the activity on the Tokyo Chapter’s Facebook page considerably.

“The alumni had a great time and we all reimagined the Thunderbird mystique together,” noted Mr. Matsumura.  

A special thanks to Mr. Matsumura, Mr. Kevin Rohrer ’82, Ms. Ginger Griggs ’89, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Hamada and Ms. Inamasu for organizing this successful event.

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